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Hello, my name is Keegan. I am 21.

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I am a poopkin and my kin pronouns are fuck/fuck/fuckface.

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Stop fetishizing antisocial personality disorder.

In reality (not BBC fantasy land) sociopaths are conscienceless people who do not feel remorse or empathy, and often destroy lives in both a literal or metaphorical sense. They are wholly selfish manipulators who don’t care for anyone or anything beyond themselves. They are not your ugu Sherlock baby, they are the bearers of an unfortunate and very sad disorders.

If “High Functioning Sociopaths” exist, they are no different from what I have described above. They are simply good enough manipulators and liars to blend in with society. If Sherlock is indeed a sociopath, then you’re all fucking weird for idolizing that shit.

Do your research.

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